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USN-3872-1: Linux kernel (HWE) vulnerabilities

Ubuntu Security • 2019-01-29 02:00:04
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As of July 1, 2018, all Nebula42 servers are maintained and managed by our in-house experts. This move has allowed us to have more control over every aspect of our servers, including security measures and activity monitoring. Previously, we relied on a large hosting company for server support but found both their technical expertise and server features severly lacking. The new server arrangement that we have created allows us far greater control over site security, monitoring, and builds, including an extensive system of backups that can be easily restored in a matter of minutes. 

Some of the more impressive features of these newly rebuilt servers include:

Nebula42 servers have recently been integrated with the LetsEncrypt Certbot, allowing our server to issue and maintain FREE SSL certificates for your domains.

Managed Software Updates
Let us handle those pesky updates for you! Domains running any supported CMS (Joomla or Wordpress) or any n42 supported software platform will have security patches and other version-specific updates ran when they are available. Never worry about your site being compromised because of outdated code again. We'll make sure that everything is current.

Dual Firewall Protection
All n42 domains are protected by our robust server firewall with active traffic monitoring and admin alerts. Supported CMS sites will also be set up with an application firewall that can be customized to recognise your site's traffic patterns and provide an additional layer of protection at the domain level.

Active Traffic Scanning
Traffic to and from your site will be monitored and an admin will be alerted if anything unuausl shows up. We utilize a variety of services in order to keep an eye on your site's traffic, file changes, uptime, blacklists, and many other vital aspects. 

Webmaster Support Included
All n42 Managed Hosting plans include webmaster support for issues related to site content, design, and even custom coding. The amount of time allotted varies by subscription level but additional maintenance hours can be added to any plan at any time to support any marketing or development effort you need support on.

DNS Management
The cost of domain registration always includes DNS management. Need a subdomain for a marketing campaign or specific DNS records for Google or Hotmail? Just send us a note and we'll get it set up for you. 

Admin Access
Supported CMS and frameworks can be set up to allow for an admin (or admins) to acces your site for content changes and other site maintenance tasks. Multiple users can be configured and each can be given access to only the things that you want the to access, all from a secure back end administrator area.

Unlimited Email Forwarders
Nebula42 Managed Hosting allows you to forward any email address on your domain to another address. Create multiple addresses and manage them all from your Gmail or other email account. We can help you plan and implement an email strategy to best suit your needs.

Gmail SMTP Support
In addition to unlimited email forwarding, n42 servers are configured to support Gmail SMTP relay access for the handling of site mail tasks. Other email providers can be configured as well, so if you have Hotmail or Yahoo or another email service, just let us know and we can help get those service integrated with your domain.